Cleanser View


For sensitive skins

Glentle Cleansing Foam
IPLase Mask® View

IPLase Mask®

Anti thermal & Radiations damage

Post-treatment cream Skin Stress reduction
Vitamin E Anti-oxidant View

Vitamin E Anti-oxidant

For dry & sensitive skin

Moisturizing · Anti-oxidant Sensitive skin hydration
Melablock HSP® 30 View

Melablock HSP® 30

Sun Protection

High sun protection SPF 30 Heat Shock Proteins
Actilift® View


Active Daily Skin Care

DMAE lifting effect
Melablock HSP® 50+ View

Melablock HSP® 50+

Sun Protection

Very high sun protection SPF 50+ Heat Shock Proteins
Atrofillin® View


Fight Against Atrophy

Skin volumizer · Antioxidant Anti aging
Nutritive Cream Vit A-C-E Lipoic Complex View

Nutritive Cream Vit A-C-E Lipoic Complex

Revitalizing Daily Skin Care

Vit. A-C-E Lipoic Complex Smokers Skin
DHEA-Phyto Cream View

DHEA-Phyto Cream

For mature skin 45+

Moisturizer · Anti-aging
Purifying Cream View

Purifying Cream

For young skin with acneic tendency

Pre-peel preparation · Daily care between peeling sessions
Purigel View


Acne Prone Skin

Fresh & oil free gel
Blending Bleaching Cream View

Blending Bleaching Cream

Lightening Complex

Anti-Oxidant Pigment control  
Mamofillin Cream View

Mamofillin Cream

Special breast care

Mamofillin Milk View

Mamofillin Milk

Special breast care

Purifyer - Skin Bloom View

Purifyer - Skin Bloom


Purifyer - Brightening & Filling View

Purifyer - Brightening & Filling


Hydrabionic - Sleep & Repair View

Hydrabionic - Sleep & Repair


Hydrabionic - Beauty & Boost View

Hydrabionic - Beauty & Boost


Neosolex Mist View

Neosolex Mist








Neosolex SPF 50+ View

Neosolex SPF 50+


HAPPY intim® Lightening Cream View

HAPPY intim® Lightening Cream

Intimate beauty

Lightening effect
HAPPY intim® Rebirth Cream View

HAPPY intim® Rebirth Cream

Intimate beauty

Intimate smoothing effect
HAPPY intim® Body Peel View

HAPPY intim® Body Peel

Intimate beauty

Exfoliant lightening effect
HAPPY intim® Body Butter View

HAPPY intim® Body Butter

Intimate beauty

Restorative Body Cream
HAPPY intim® Nebula View

HAPPY intim® Nebula

Rehydration - pH Balance

Smooth­ing-soothing  effect
HAPPY intim® Satin View

HAPPY intim® Satin


“Dry lubricant” effect
HAPPY intim® Velagel View

HAPPY intim® Velagel

Delicate cleansing

Ginecologically tested
TX Foam View

TX Foam

For hyperpigmentation treatment

Extraordinary soft cleanser
Lumpost View


For quick recovery post medium peel care

Lumina Vit-C 18% View

Lumina Vit-C 18%

Stabilized vit-c

Long lasting Intensive Brightening serum
Lumina Vit A+E View

Lumina Vit A+E

Night recover

Renewal night equilibrium cream
Fulgora 50+ View

Fulgora 50+


Intensive brigthening cream with Indoor and outdoor photo-protection
AD Day Intensive Repair View

AD Day Intensive Repair

Repair & Balance

Rejuvenating complex with hyaluronic acid + peptides
AD Eyes View

AD Eyes

Repair & Balance

Beautifies the appearance of eye contour
AD Relax Skin View

AD Relax Skin

Repair & Balance

Gentle rejuvenation
AD Aclaranse® View

AD Aclaranse®

Repair & Balance

Reduces the appearance of pigment irregularities
AD Skin Retrieval View

AD Skin Retrieval

Repair & Balance

Post treatment skin recovery
AD Night Intensive Repair M View

AD Night Intensive Repair M

Sleep & Repair

24h moisturizing complex with Melatonin
AD Night Intensive Repair R View

AD Night Intensive Repair R

Sleep & Repair

24h moisturizing complex with Resveratrol
AD Night Intensive Repair H View

AD Night Intensive Repair H

Sleep & Repair

24h moisturizing complex with Hyaluronic Acid
AD Hair View

AD Hair

Nurse your hair

Hair growth spray
AD ScalpFit View

AD ScalpFit

Nurse & Hair

Pre-treatment scalp and hair deep cleansing
AD Revitalix View

AD Revitalix

Nurse & Hair

Post-treatment scalp & hair hydratation revitalizing
AD Strimatrix® View

AD Strimatrix®

Fix your body

Reduces the appearance of striae distensae
AD Cellutrix® View

AD Cellutrix®

Fix your body

Reduces the appearance of orange skin
Sagoni Melt Care View

Sagoni Melt Care

For face contouring

Helps modelling the face contour
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