Nutritive Cream Vit A-C-E is a moisturizing, anti-aging super anti-oxidant cream (post peel, post laser, smokers’ skin, etc). Prevention of skin aging and oxidative damage due to extrinsic factors. Revitalizing and moisturizing. Vit. A-C-E Lipoic Complex recommended for post peel, post laser, smokers skin.


Presentation: 50 mL

Best indications

Prevention of skin aging. Skin damaged by the sun or smoking. Prevention of oxidative damage after sunburn, or chemical or laser treatments. Anti-oxidant moisturizing and/or erythema reduction following sun exposure, laser, peeling or dermabrasion treatments.

Active Ingredients

• Retinol in Cyclodextrines
• Tocopheryl Acetate
• Ascorbic Acid in Cyclodextrines
• Ceramide-3
• Urea
• Glycyrrhetinic Acid
• Phytic Acid
• Lipoic Acid

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