Silky Lumina Vit-C 18% serum contains an intense concentration of the latest generation of Vitamin C which guarantees its stability and prolonged effect.

The double potent antioxidant effect of Vitamin C of Lumina Vit-C 18% neutralizes free radicals and promotes the regeneration of vitamin E, which provides an extraordinary unifying effect of the skin tone and effectively combats skin ageing due to its high capacity to stimulate the synthesis of pro-collagen and collagen.

Formulated with specific molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which allows a better bioassimilation, quick absorption and release of the active ingredients providing a greater hydration of the skin.

Lumina Vit-C 18% is specially formulated to protect against hostile environments such as pollution, sunlight, artificial light emitted by electronic devices or stress.



Presentation: 10mL

Best indications
  • Skin photo-ageing
Active Ingredients
  • Stabilized Vit C 18%
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Blue Light Filter
  • Resveratrox
  • Citric Acid
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