Melablock-HSP® SPF 50 offers a  4 in 1 sun protection(sunscreen + erythema protection + antioxidants + HSP activation).

Daily protection specially designed for use after peelings, laser, pulsed light or demabrasion treatment. Strong antioxidant effect and erythema protection.

Presentation: 50mL

Best indications

Activation of the natural synthesis of Heat Shock Proteins  (HSP) which defends the skin against protein denaturation and  thermal cell lysis which occur after an increase in temperature  of just a few degrees.

Sun block combined with a blend of stable chemical sun filters and boosted with key antioxidants to protect skin against extrinsic ageing factors such as blue light and pollution.

Daily  protection specially designed for use after peelings, laser,  pulsed light or dermabrasion treatment. Strong antioxidant  effect and erythema protection.

Active Ingredients
  • UVA, UVB, IR and Blue Light Protection
  • Thermal ageing protection – Heat shock Proteins (HSP) inducer
  • Antioxidants
  • Soothing and redness relief properties targeting all the major inflammatory mediators
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