Dr. Philippe Deprez
Aesthetic Medicine M.D - PhD

Honour member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bucarest, Rumania. Professor of the Aesthetic Medicine: university of Charleroi (Belgium), Paris(France), Bordeaux (France) and Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Diploma of international College of Aesthetic Medicine, France. Diploma of the National College of the Aesthetic Medicine, Belgium. Diploma of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine, Medical College, Barcelona, Spain.


Brand  Expert Trainer : Skin Tech, Sagoni, BeneBellum, Aesthetic Dermal (Reparestim & RRS line) , Happy Intim.


Dr. Evgeniya Ranneva
Dermatologist - PhD
Spain / Russia

Specialist in rehabilitative and reconstructive medicine. Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner Scientific consultant in aesthetic medicine, an experienced trainer of chemical peelings and mesotherapy, international trainer of fillers injections, a certified trainer of Botulin toxin injections.


Brand  Expert Trainer : Sagoni, BeneBellum, Skin Tech, Aesthetic Dermal (Reparestim & RRS line) , Happy Intim.

Dr. Francesco Lino
Plastic Surgeon

Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Reconstructive Surgery, Dermatological Surgery, Laser Therapy and Chemical Peeling.  Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery  on Second University in Naples. Aesthetic Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner . Volunteering Plastic Surgeon at Plastic Surgery and Burn unit Department at AORN Cardarelli Hospital in Naples.


Brand  Expert Trainer :  Skin Tech®  (Medium & Deep peelings ), Aesthetic Dermal ( RRS line) and Benebellum


Dr. Anna Wenger
Switzerland / Russia

Specialist in Acne and post-acne treatment and Remodeling of age-related transformations. 10+ years’ success in  dermatology and cosmetology  with a dedication to delivering exceptional patient care. Work coordination between related medical specialties (gynecologists, endocrinologists, surgeons, dermatologists) in managing patients. Author of scientific reviews from 2013 and published abstracts in IMCAS and Euromedicom.

Brand  Expert Trainer :  Skin Tech® , Aesthetic Dermal (RRS line) and Happy Intim® .

Dr. Nenad Stankovic
Aesthetic Practitioner, MD

Internationally renowned as a leading lecturer, trainer and expert in facial aesthetics. President of Anti-Ageing Institute (AAI) and medical ambassador of International Plastic Aesthetic Residence (IPAR). Pioneered many of his own techniques and developed a way in which he could teach his concepts and protocols within a HANDS ON training program for other medical and dental professionals.  International speaker for Euromedicom and IMCAS congreses.


Brand  Expert Trainer : Sagoni,  Skin Tech®  (superficial & medium), Aesthetic Dermal (Reparestim & RRS line)

Dr. Gorana Bijelic
MD, Dermatologist

Specialized in Dermatology graduated from the Medical faculty of Novi Sad, Serbia. Practice on  Clinical Centar of Belgrade, Serbia. Dr Bijelic is International Aesthetic practitioner and trainer who has held numerous training’s for doctors. International speaker for Euromedicom and renowned speaker at regional congresses held in Serbia (ASKED, Day of Dermatology, Belgrade Dermatology Congress) in multidisciplinary subjects.


Brand Expert Trainer :  Skin Tech® , Aesthetic Dermal (Reparestim & RRS line), Happy Intim

Dr. Izabella Mkrtchan
MD, Aesthetic Practitioner
Czech Republic / Armenia

Specialist in Aesthetic Intimate Rejuvenationand Anatomy and author of several abstracts published on Aesthetic Medicine International congress as IMCAS, AMWC etc..


Brand Expert Trainer : Happy Intim and  RRS line

Dr. Kristina Davidovic
MD, Aesthetic Practitioner

Internationally renowned Aesthetic Practitioner and President of SESIAM Serbian Society of Interdesciplinary of Esthetic and Anti-aging Medicine. Teaching Assistant at Medical School University of Belgrade Head of Neuroradiology Departament, Emergency Room. Creator of SESIAM  – Serbian society  of interdisciplinary of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine  Member of EADV, speaker at congress IMCAS, AMEC, 5 CC. Author of several scientific work.


Brand Expert Trainer : RRS line , Skin Tech® , Sagoni

Dr. Lyudmila Bezpalko
Plastic surgeon - PhD

Trainer of fillers injections and mesotherapy. Expert Trainer of Skin Tech Pharma Group products. Happy Intim Line Trainer


Brand Expert Trainer : Happy Intim, Skin Tech , Aesthetic Dermal , Benebellum

Dr Jean-Philippe Puech
MD, Aesthetic Medicine practitioner

MD, Evaluation and Control of Injection and Volumetric Techniques in Dermatology and Plastic Surgeryand active member of AFME (Association Française de Médecine morpho-Esthétique et anti-âge)


Brand Expert Trainer : BeneBellum, Skin Tech (Medium & Deep peelings), Aesthetic Dermal (RRS line)

Dr. Hichem Bensmail
Gynecologist & Obstetrician

Cosmetic Gynecologist and International Faculty Speaker of American Academy of Esthetic Medicine and Middle East Esthetic Conference.


Brand Expert Trainer : Happy Intim

Dr. Talia Marival
Plastic and Reconstruction Surgeon
Dr. Penny Jenkinson
Laser Specialist
South Africa

Skin Rejuvenation and medical and skincare industries since 1992 and has managed Lasermed since inception in 2004. She regularly presents workshops and trains operators.


Brand Expert Trainer :  Skin Tech (superficial and medium peelings) , Peel2Glow

Dr. Mohamed Hussein Hatem

Expert in Skin Tech®  TCA peelings.

Dr. Rodrigo Arroyo
PhD Biomedical Research

Rodrigo Arroyo, PhD, has a doctorate in Biomedical Research from University of Barcelona. His main research topics are cancer interactome and dermatology. He is a international lecturer for Skin Tech Pharma Group and research associate of IPAR.

Dr. Bibiana Romero
Aesthetic Practitioner

Brand Expert Trainer: Skin Tech, RRS,  Reparestim, XL Hair, Peel2Glow

C_Dr.Arturo Almeida
Dr. Arturo Almeida
UK / Spain

Brand Expert Trainer: Sagoni, RRS, Skin Tech

Dr. Florian Petin
Aesthetic Practitioner

Brand Expert Trainer: Skin Tech, Benebellum, Sagoni, RRS,  Reparestim, XL Hair, Peel2Glow

Dr. Xavier Goodarzian
MD (Hons), MRCGP, Dip Derm, PG Cos Med, MBCAM
UK / Spain

Brand Expert Trainer: Skin Tech – Deep Peels, Benebellum

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