image pack

1 Session

  • 1 vial 3 mL Easy Phen Light Solution
  • 1 tube 10 mL Post Peel Mask
  • 2 sachet 5 g Bismuth Subgallate powder (Yellskreen® – CE Class I)

Easy Phen Light is a phenol/TCA hybrid peeling that acts in the papillary-reticular and dermal interface and consequently, it is specially indicated for strong skin rejuvenation.

  • Deep peel
  • Standarized protocol
  • Down time: 6-10 days
  • Photo types 1 to 4

This product is for the exclusive use by medical specialists in plastic aesthetic or restorative surgery, by specialists in medical and surgical dermatology and venereology, and M.D.s with postgraduate training in aesthetics. By practicing this deep peeling, the doctor assures implicitly having the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out this kind of peelings and agrees to bear full responsibility.

Best indications
  • Photo-aging and its consequences.
  • Keratosis and pre-malignant lesions.
Active Ingredients

Peeling combining 30% Phenol, 12% TCA and 0,5% Croton Oil for action at the papillary-reticular dermal interface.

Post - treatment