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25 Sessions

50 mL vial


Easy Phytic Peel is a peeling based on Skin Tech’s new release-controlled technology.
It provides slow-release, progressive, complete penetration and full action of all the components of the solution with a very high security intraepidermal focused to work the Epidermis and Basal Layer (+ dermal stimulation).

  • No pre-peel conditioning
  • Self neutralizing (No neutralisation required)
  • Direct epidermal action + dermal stimulation
  • No social downtime
  • Phototypes 1-6

This product is for the exclusive use by medical specialists in plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery, by specialists in medical and surgical dermatology and venereology and by graduates in medicine and surgery with specific postgraduate training in aesthetics.

Best indications
  • Early photo aging
  • Dry skin
  • Superficial hyperpigmentation
  • Teenagers’ skin problems


Treatment areas: face, back & arms

Active Ingredients

Glycolic + Lactic + Mandelic + Phytic acids

Post - treatment