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24 Sessions:

  • 2 vials 25 mL Base Solution
  • 1 vial Aktivator® TCA 50%
  • 1 tube 50 mL Post Peel Mask

Easy TCA® Pain Control is a unique hybrid trichloroacetic (TCA)/phenol based peeling, which newly patented technology allows EASY TCA® Pain Control to safely give results comparable to a papillary dermis depth, with a very discrete burning sensation only.

  • Patented Painless Technology*
  • Maximum security and comfort for your patient
  • Short / partial social downtime
  • Photo types 1 to 6

This product is for the exclusive use by medical specialists in plastic aesthetic or restorative surgery, by specialists in medical and surgical dermatology and venereology, and M.D.s with postgraduate training in aesthetics.

Easy TCA® PC contains phenol, the physician must consider the possibility of toxicity of phenol during its use.

Best indications
  • Photo-aging and its consequences
  • Acne and post acne
  • Pigmentation problems ( melasma, chloasma, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
  • Ichtyosis
  • Keratoses and lentigine


Easy TCA® Pain Control is primarily intended for a peeling until the basal layer of the epidermis, but it can reach the Grenz zone or the papillary dermis, depending on the application process and the number of coats applied.

Active Ingredients

Pain Control Base Solution to be mixed with Aktivator TCA® 50% for reconstituting a peeling solution of 15% TCA.

Post - treatment