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2 Sessions

2 vials of 3mL


HAPPY intim® Vigorate Mix is a new TCA-based chemical peeling enhanced with antyoxidants, glycolic and citric acid focused to a lightening effect. Its formula is especially designed to improve the intimate skin texture, and clarify skin color imperfection, providing turgor, firming and tensor effect.

  • Solution ready to apply
  • Easy and comfortable procedure.
  • No special recovery time needed
  • Phototypes 1 to 6

This product is for the exclusive use by medical specialists in plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery, by specialists in medical and surgical dermatology and venereology and by graduates in medicine and surgery with specific postgraduate training in aesthetics.

Best indications
  • Skin flaccidity
  • Pigmentation problems in anogenital area
Active Ingredients

TCA 15%, Glycolic acid and Citric acid

Post - treatment